Message from the Founder

Welcome to the MasterHEART Institute founded by long time spiritual teacher, meditation master and EFT expert GP Walsh.

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We know you don’t want to jump right in if you are not familiar with the Institute and the quality of material it offers. And so MasterHEART is happy to offer some free introductory courses.

Prepared with the same care and attention to student experience as our most expensive courses, it will give you a direct experience of Inner Reconciliation, in all of its facets without taking any of your valuable time to offer you a pitch. We provide clean, quality teaching, because we know, if you are benefited by what we offer, you will be back for more.

The Introductory Course will have you experiencing the incredibly effective, yet remarkably gentle power of Inner Reconciliation. Starting today you can begin to experience the wonder of this remarkable healing modality for yourself.