Message from the Founder

Welcome to the MasterHEART Institute founded by long time spiritual teacher, meditation master and EFT expert GP Walsh.

Learn About Inner Reconciliation

You are way more than you think you are. In fact, you are way more than you could possibly ever think you are. Our minds are simply not capable of knowing ourselves fully.

But our hearts are

Every audio, video, meditation, course, class, call, satsang and private session we off at MasterHEART, is aimed at this fundamental awakening to your own true nature and the benevolent nature of the universe. To come to know yourself, as you truly are, is the end of all suffering.

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Introducing the Inner Reconciliation Primary Course

After years of preparation and after teaching hundreds of students, GP has created the Inner Reconciliation Training Series. Starting today you can begin to experience the wonder of this remarkable healing modality for yourself.. and master it