While MasterHEART teaches courses that range from the Law of Attraction to Energy Healing, at its heart it remains focused on Spirituality.

Coming to know oneself as your truly are is the ultimate attainment in life and the true motivation behind everything else we do.

This group of courses is dedicated to fostering that deep inquiry into our true nature and empowering the sincere seeker with support and direction as you wind your way towards your ULTIMATE AWAKENING.

Courses for Spirituality, Oneness and Non-Duality

Step 1

Stepping Into Oneness

Oneness is not just a nice spiritual idea, it is a firm and demonstrable reality. And it is something that one can begin to see everywhere and see it right now!

It starts with a simple insight and over time, grows to be sense of spaciousness, openness and the most important element of all… happiness.

Step 2

The Oneness Experience

The experience of oneness has to become visceral. Something felt in the entire body. Not just thought with the mind. It starts usually with an insight, a sense of inspiration, but very quickly runs into the habitual patterns and conditionings of the nervous system.

As the name suggests, the Oneness Experience is an experiential journey into the feeling and living of Oneness.

Step 3

Infinite Sky Freedom

Infinite Sky Freedom is a detailed, in depth and exhaustive exploration of non-dual philosophy. Every aspect is covered including; what is the mind? what is the ego? what is consciousness? what is the origin of the great illusion or the fall?

But as always, it is not just an intellectual investigation. It is packed with exercises that bring one into direct contact and intuitive understanding of their true nature.