Coming Home To Oneness

Coming Home To Oneness


Welcome To The Greatest JourneyThe Journey Home

“Having never left the house you are asking for the way home.” – Nisargadatta Maharaj

There is no greater or more important exploration that a human being can make that to look deeply within themselves to discover, once and for all, who they are.

This audio/video course is a recording of a live class that took place in October of 2014.

It was organized, mastered, and put into its present format.

In addition, we have added some additional instructional videos as well as Q&A videos to help clarify this most important of subjects.


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01 Introduction to MasterHEART Mini-Courses


02 Before You Were Conditioned


03 Your Innate Longing for Oneness (Exercise)


04 Breaking the Assumption of Separation


05 Experiencing Oneness (Exercise)


06 Q&A 1


07 Q&A 2


08 Where Separation Came From


09 The Creation of the “I”


10 Q&A 3


11 Q&A 4


12 What Is Holding the Universe Together


13 Q&A 5


14 Q&A 6


15 What If That Thought Never Occurred To You (Exercise)


16 The Many Is The One


17 Coming Home To Oneness Activation


18 More About MasterHEART Mini Courses