Inner Reconciliation is a paradigm shift in personal development and spiritual awakening.

Since it is conflict that is the source of all human misery and suffering it is self-evident that the cure is RECONCILIATION.

Courses in Inner Reconciiation

Step 1

The Yoga of Allowing

Step 2

Primary Course

Step 3

Secondary Course

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Law of Attraction and Inner Reconciliation.

Inner Reconciliation is process and technique agnostic. Since it is an approach rather than a specific process it brings out the best of any technique or healing modality you may use.

The Chakras and Inner Reconciliation.

A key part of the Inner Reconciliation model is the ancient system of the Chakras. This beautiful way of understanding our inner world has been modernized and simplified. It even got a new name THE HARMONIOUS HUMAN.

The Emotional Freedom Technique and Inner Reconciliation.

Inner Reconciliation makes use of several healing modalities. The Emotional Freedom Technique (or EFT for short) is one of them. We recognize the importance of the involvement of the body in the process of healing, especially traumas. MasterHEART ahs a unique approach to EFT that increases its effectiveness and makes healing as transformational as it is therapeutic.